Learning another language is “like this whole new world opening up to me. … It blows my mind.”
Dual Language student
“In my future, it’s going to open up a whole lot more doors. I can be more successful, and I can have better opportunities.”
Dual Language student
The process of learning Spanish is “like baby steps. You do the alphabet, then you do sentences and syllables. Then you work on grammar. You just keep moving up the scale.”
Dual Language student

Spanish/English Dual Language Program

Our program
Our Dual Language Program is a 50/50 bilingual educational program balancing curriculum and population to teach students both English and Spanish.

Balanced population
Each classroom is approximately 50 percent Spanish-speaking and 50 percent English-speaking students. This class grouping allows for cooperative interaction to facilitate language acquisition.

Balanced curriculum
Half of the curriculum is taught in English and half is taught in Spanish. For kindergarten through second grade, the students are taught literacy (reading and writing) in both languages. Math is taught in Spanish in kindergarten through second grade and in English in third and fourth grades. Social studies, science and health are taught in either Spanish or English, depending on which allows the classroom teacher to fulfill the 50/50 language requirements of the program. Extensive exposure to the second language as students work in bilingual pairs increases learning for both groups of speakers.

Program goals

  • To increase the achievement of all students and close the achievement gap
  • To achieve true bilingualism and biliteracy for participating students
  • To increase cooperation, cultural sensitivity and self-esteem for students
  • To increase culturally responsive teaching throughout the school
  • To continue to foster and promote cultural diversity and respect among all students
  • To continue to promote a sense of community throughout the neighborhood school

Parent participation and commitment
To ensure achievement and success, it is necessary for families to commit to the program for six years (kindergarten through fifth grade). Active parent support is extremely important to the long-term success of each student. This support includes classroom involvement, homework help, parent workshop attendance and feedback.

Features of a Dual Language program
Students have the opportunity to achieve bilingualism and biliteracy in Spanish and English
Students learn languages more easliy at an early age. Immersing and instructing students in the second language provides an effective vehicle for students to learn to speak, read and write fluently in both languages by fifth grade.

Bilingual students generally demonstrate greater academic gains
Research show that students in dual language programs develop strong academic skills in addition to becoming proficient in both languages.

Students develop cultural sensitivity and strong self-esteem
Working together cooperatively in linguistic pairs promotes mutual respect and esteem. Students develop greater self-confidence and cultural sensitivity in this setting.

Learning is facilitated by highly trained, professional staff
Staff is carefully selected and trained in effective instructional strategies for second language learners.

The program continues at Gaiser Middle School. Students who wish to continue their language studies beyond middle school will complete the Spanish language pathway at the Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies.

Nuestro Programa de Inmersión Dual es un programa educacional bilingüe en una proporción del 50/50.

Población Balanceada
Esto significa que cada salón de clases tendrá aproximadamente el 50% de estudiantes de habla hispana y 50% de estudiantes de habla inglesa. Esta forma de agrupación de la clase fomenta la interacción cooperativa la cual facilita la adquisición de un idioma.
Cada día una mitad del programa de estudios es enseñada en ingles y la otra mitad es enseñada es en español. A los estudiantes de Kindergarten al Segundo grado se les enseña la lectura y escritura en los dos idiomas. Las matemáticas son enseñadas en español. En 3-5 grados, matematicas son ensenadas en ingles. En todos los grados, ciencias sociales, ciencias y salud son enseñadas en cualquier idioma (español o ingles)…lo que deja al maestro adquirir los requisitos del programa de inmersión 50/50. La colaboración en grupos pequeños en los que los estudiantes hablan tanto el ingles como el español resultara en un aprendizaje más amplio para todos los estudiantes.

Participación y Compromiso por parte de los Padres
Para asegurar la realización y éxito es necesario que las familias se comprometan con el programa por seis años (K-5). El apoyo activo de los padres es extremadamente importante para el éxito a largo plazo de nuestro Programa de Inmersión Dual. Se les anima a involucrarse en el salón de clases, ayudar a sus niños con sus tareas, asistir a talleres para padres y compartir sus puntos de vista por medio del Comité Consultivo de Padres del Programa de Inmersión Dual.

Metas del Programa

  • Elevar el rendimiento de todos los estudiantes y de cerrar las brechas en el rendimiento académico.
  • Lograr a que los estudiantes participantes lleguen a ser realmente bilingües y que reciban la alfabetización en ambos idiomas.
  • Fomentar la cooperación, sensibilidad cultural y la autoestima de los estudiantes.
  • Ampliar la receptividad cultural en la enseñanza a través de toda la escuela.
  • A continuar a fomentar y promocionar la diversidad cultural y el mutuo respeto entre todos los estudiantes.
  • Continuar la promoción de un sentido de comunidad a través de la escuela del vecindario.

Características de un Programa de Inmersión Dual (Español-Ingles)
Los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de lograr a ser realmente bilingües y de obtener la alfabetización en español e ingles
Los estudiantes aprenden lenguas más fácilmente a una temprana edad. La inmersión e instrucción de estudiantes en un segundo idioma es una vía efectiva para que aprendan a hablar, leer y escribir con fluidez en ambos idiomas una vez hayan alcanzado e quinto grado.

Los estudiantes bilingües generalmente demuestran gran progreso académico
Los estudios de investigación demuestran que los estudiantes en programas de Inmersión Dual pueden desarrollar sólidas habilidades académicas, ademas de dominar ambos idiomas.

Los estudiantes desarrollan sensibilidad cultural y una fuerte autoestima
Los estudiantes de habla hispana y los estudiantes de habla inglesa trabajaron con regularidad en grupos pequeños. Esto ayudara a que desarrollen una mayor confianza en si mismos, promoverá mutuo respeto y estima y elevara la sensibilidad cultural.

Personal profesional altamente entrenado
El personal es cuidadosamente seleccionado y entrenado en estrategias de instrucción efectivas para estudiantes que aprenden un segundo idioma.

No Excuses University

No Excuses UniversityStudies show that our students’ futures are on the line and that we need to take immediate steps to change their options for (and their personal perspective of) their own destiny. Therefore, we have joined the No Excuses University network of schools.

All Anderson students are a part of our No Excuses University. Anderson became an NEU school in 2013 and is one of two schools in the district that are officially in the national NEU network.

Being an NEU school means our staff, students and parents embrace the overall theme of college readiness. Some of the many things we do to promote our theme include:

  • Scheduling staff resources to guide extended learning opportunities
  • Recruiting volunteers to mentor students to help ensure their academic success
  • Providing No Excuses parent forums, which help us collaborate with families to ensure we all are working together for the success of our students
  • Linking our student recognition and incentives to our No Excuses theme and character traits
  • Creating student leaders

Kindergarten Jump Start

Kindergarten Jump Start is a free program for incoming kindergarteners that takes place a few weeks before the school year begins. Students participate in a variety of math, literacy and hands-on activities, learn school routines and become familiar with their new surroundings.

Data shows that students who attend Jump Start are better prepared for kindergarten than children who do not participate. They also gain confidence, leadership skills and enthusiasm for school. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child a successful transition to kindergarten!

To register your child, please contact the Sarah J. Anderson office.